Palestine ISD Superintendent Jason Marshall


Welcome to the 2020-21 school year!  We hope that you and your family have had a nice summer and that you have managed to remain healthy during these trying times.



We are excited to bring students back to “in-person” school on Monday August 10th, and we are also excited to offer students and parents who are still reluctant to attend school in person a Home Learning Program.  If you have yet to visit with your student’s principal or counselor, please do that so we can plan accordingly for your student.



The first month of school is going to be quite different for us than in previous years.  In order to provide ample transition time (following last year’s Covid-19 closure), ensure that digital devices are distributed to everyone and are working, and to allow staff members to get comfortable with implementing new Covid-19 safety precautions, we will bring students back to “in-person” instruction using the following schedule.  You and your student will be notified personally of the days your student is to attend school during the first month.  If you have any questions about the schedule, please call your student’s principal.



Week of 8/10 – 25% student capacity for 4 days; Friday is Home Learning for all students.

Week of 8/17 – 25% student capacity for 4 days; Friday is Home Learning for all students.

Week of 8/24 – 50% student capacity on A/B schedule (4 days); Friday is Home Learning for all students.

Week of 8/31 – 50% student capacity on A/B schedule (4 days): Friday is Home Learning for all students.

Week of 9/7 – Monday, 9/7 is Labor Day Holiday; Tuesday 9/8 – Friday 9/11 is regular school for all

Week of 9/14 - Normal School Week



We have also scheduled time for staff members and principals to visit in a formal setting at the end of each school day the first week of school.  These meetings are for the express purpose of discussing Covid-19 safety measures – how they are working and what we need to improve.  If you have suggestions or you see a potential problem, please contact your student’s campus.



Again, we look forward to the new school year.  It’s going to be great to see everyone again.  Someone made the comment the other day in reference to Covid-19 that “this, too, shall pass”.  I agree, completely, but let’s do our best to not make 2020-21 all about Covid.  Let’s help our student to “create a new narrative” and enjoy learning with their peers.


Go Cats!



Jason Marshall


Palestine ISD.



Lisa Edge
Superintendent's Secretary