Palestine Independent School District

Standardized Dress and Grooming

    Student dress and grooming conveys the expectations of the school and community and influences how others respond to and judge the Palestine ISD and its students. Appropriate student dress and grooming is that which is deemed in good taste, reflecting the standards of our community and contributing to the school climate.
While it is impractical to address every possibility of dress and grooming, a Standardized Dress and Grooming Code has been established in order to assist students in appropriate choices for dress at school. It is necessary for all students to understand that styles or clothing with visual or written messages which are likely to disrupt the school environment are prohibited. Examples of such prohibited messages include, but are not limited to, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, violence, vulgar or obscene language, and insults to race, religion, gender, or ethnicity. The guidelines and administrative decisions will reflect concern for health and safety of students and the influence of students’ dress or grooming on the overall educational climate of the school.
The administrators of each campus shall apply the Standardized Dress and Grooming Code and make all final decisions regarding what is acceptable and appropriate.

General Guidelines:

(These guidelines are expectations for student dress and grooming for all instruction class days upon arrival on the campus until departure from the campus and while participating as a student of Palestine ISD in extracurricular events.)

 All Clothing:

· Must be clean and free from holes or tears.

· Must be free from logos, pictures, objects or other symbols that exhibit suggestive or controversial subjects or that would distract from the learning process.

· Logos, pictures, objects or other symbols must be sized small enough so that it can be completely covered by the student’s school identification card. (A credit card or Texas driver’s license will cover the same sized area.)

· Must be sized to fit. (No sagging, no oversized clothing, no tight-fitting garments.)

· Must be worn as designed for wear (i.e. suspenders worn over the shoulder, no backward or inside out wear).

Dress Code for Students Grades HeadStart/Pre-K through 12th

School issued identification badges at PHS & PJHS must be worn on a lanyard around the student’s neck, must be visible at all times, and must not be decorated or marred/destroyed so that it is no longer readable.

Tops (All Students)

· Only solid color, pullover, collared, Polo style shirts with button plackets are allowed. The shirt must be made with \buttons on the placket up to the collar and may be long or short sleeved. The shirts must be worn with no more than 3 top buttons unbuttoned.

· Undershirts, such as turtlenecks, camisoles, and tank tops, in any solid color may be worn BENEATH the Polo style shirt.

· Boys’ shirts must be tucked into the waistband and the belt must be visible.

· Girls’ shirts must be long enough so that the midriff skin is not exposed when arms are raised.

· No sleeveless tops are allowed.

· No crew neck T-shirts are permitted except on campus designated spirit days. On such designated days, the crew neck T-shirt must be school related (i.e. school clubs and organizations, campus/spirit shirts.)

· No undergarments (i.e. bras) are to be exposed.

· Cleavage shall not be exposed.

Pants, Shorts, Capris, Skorts, Skirts

·Solid-colored  khaki, navy, black, gray or denim pants, shorts, capris, skorts, and skirts are acceptable. Wind shorts, spandex shorts, cutoffs, boxer shorts, athletic or jogging shorts and bicycle shorts/pants are not allowed. All must be worn close to knee or below. Boys must wear belts. (For Pre-K & K, boys are encouraged to wear belts but it is optional.)

· For Pre-K–5th grade only, any khaki, navy, black, or denim jumper may also be worn.

· Any adornments, decorations, or designs deemed inappropriate by an administrator will not be allowed.

· No undergarments, to include boy’s boxer shorts and underwear or girl’s panties or thongs, are to be exposed.

· Wind suits are not acceptable.


·Shoes must be worn at all times.

· House slippers/house shoes are not allowed.

· Stiletto heels are not allowed.

· For grades Pre-K through 5th, flip-flop shoes are not allowed. Shoes must tie or strap on so that shoes are not slung off or kicked off of the students’ feet.


·Any color jacket, coat, or sweater, with or without a hood, that opens in the front is acceptable. (including letter-jackets from Palestine only)

· Hoods must not be worn as a head covering inside the building.

· All outerwear must be worn open in the front inside the building.

· Logos, pictures, objects or other symbols must be sized small enough so that it can be completely covered by the student’s school identification card. (A credit card or Texas driver’s license will cover the same sized area.)

· Trench-coats are not allowed.

· No pullover hooded garments are allowed.


·Male students must be clean-shaven; fuzzy and stubby beginning growth must be shaved.

· A student’s hair must be neat and clean, while not distracting or interfering with the learning environment. Styles such as Mohawks, faux hawks, and designs/patterns cut into the hair and/or eyebrows will be considered distracting or disruptive. For male students, the hair must not be touching the top of the collar.

· Hair must be of a natural color. All other colors will be considered distracting or disruptive and will not be allowed.

Additional Guidelines

· No sunglasses, combs, picks, brushes or headgear, including but not limited to hats, caps, sweat bands, bandanas, or do-rags are to be visible during school hours.

· No jewelry or logos that display vulgar or suggestive words or pictures, or ones that display or advertise drugs, violence, alcohol, tobacco, or gangs are permitted.

·No body piercing objects, other than pierced earrings worn by girls, are to be visible. No coverings intended to disguise or conceal them are allowed.

· No gauges are allowed.

· Skin decorations including permanent or temporary body tattoos, symbols, words, etc. may not be exposed. They must be covered at all times including physical education classes and athletics